CDU – ACS (low risk)

For single episodes of cardiac chest pain. Who have a Troponin <39F/58M

Specific admission criteria

  • Single episode of “Cardiac” chest pain >15min
  • No Current Chest Pain
  • Not Unstable angina (i.e. multiple episodes)
  • NO ECG changes
  • Initial (>2hr from CP) Troponin <39F/58M

Tasks to complete during admission • Repeat ECG

  • Repeat Troponin (6 hours after initial)
  • Senior review

Discharge Criteria

  • Troponin remains <39F/58M
  • No ECG changes
  • Not requiring inpatient treatment
  • Actions explained to patient
  • Angina Clinic referral made if required
  • Letter to GP

Hospital Admission Criteria • Deterioration (Must have review by ED team)

  • Troponin 39F/58M or over
  • ECG changes

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