CDU – Anaphylaxis

For those with ANAPHYLAXIS NOT ALLERY, who have required IM/IV medication. However, those requiring a 2nd dose of Adrenalin should be admitted to a monitored area (NOT CDU)

Specific admission criteria

  • Anaphylaxis requiring IM/IV medication
  • Not required a 2nd adrenaline dose
  • No airway compromise

Tasks to complete during admission

  • Observe 12-24 hours
  • Full Observations every 30-60 minDischarge Criteria
  • Remained well
  • Actions explained to patient
  • Allergy advice given
  • TTO – Prednisolone 40mg OD & Chlorphenamine 4mg QDS
  • Letter to GP

Hospital Admission Criteria

• Deterioration (Must have review by ED team)

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