CDU – Cauda Equina

Are you concerned that the patient has Cauda Equine, which is NOT secondary to Cancer, Sepsis or Spinal Trauma

Specific admission criteria

  • Signs of Cauda Equina (inc. at least ONE of following)
    • Bilateral peripheral nerve dysfunction
    • Bowel/Bladder/Sexual dysfunction
    • Saddle/Perianal Sensory/Motor dysfunction
  • MRI – [Questionnaire HERE]
    • In Hours organized by senior [In hours 09-17:00 mon-fri, 09-12:00 sat-sun]
    • Out of Hours Leeds Neurosurgery have recommended “MRI scan next day”
  • Not Traumatic [If trauma ref. Leeds Spinal Orthopedics]
  • Not Metastatic [If Cancer ref. Oncology]
  • Return from Leeds after Cauda Equine ruled out

Tasks to complete during admission

Discharge Criteria

  • Cauda Equina excluded
  • No other problem found requiring admission
  • Appropriate analgesia
  • Social circumstances – Safe for discharge
  • Actions explained to patient
  • Letter to GP

Hospital Admission Criteria

  • Deterioration (Must have review by ED team)
  • Pathology found requiring admission
  • Social Circumstances – NOT safe for discharge

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