CDU – Head Injury

For patients requiring head injury observations and doesn’t require inpatient admission.

Some patients with skull fracture or small bleeds may need admission to CDU for observation and blood test (but only if directed by Neurosurgical team)

Specific admission criteria

  • Significant Head injury (that has either had or requires a CT head)
  • Otherwise medically discharged
  • GCS over 13
  • Ensure NO Spinal injury
  • CT Head
    1. Normal
    2. Abnormal, but has a documented neurosurgical plan
    3. Awaiting an 8hr CT head

Tasks to complete during admission

  • Full Nursing observations (Including GCS and pupils)
    • 0-2 hours – Obs. Completed every 30mins
    • 2-6 hours – Obs. Completed every hour
    • beyond 6 hours – Obs. Completed every 2 hours
  • Senior review
  • Dementia screen
  • Paddington alcohol screen

Discharge Criteria

  • Social situation – Safe for discharge
  • Not requiring inpatient treatment
  • Actions explained to patient/carer
  • Head injury advice given (Verbal & Written)
  • Letter to GP
  • DVLA Advice

Hospital Admission Criteria

  • Deterioration (Must have review by ED team)
  • OT/Physio/HAT Assessment – NOT safe for discharge
  • Unable to discharge by 72hrs

DVLA Advice


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