CDU – Hip injury but NO #NoF

Has the patient injured their hip but no evident #NoF. As long as the patient is otherwise fit for discharge they could be admitted to CDU for physic, review and potential CT/MRI in hours.

Specific admission criteria

  • No Fracture
  • Not Mobile
  • Medically fit for discharge

Tasks to complete during admission

  • Pain management
  • Senior review
  • MRI Hip (if continued clinical suspicion)
  • OT/Physio Assessment
  • Dementia screen
  • Paddington alcohol screen

Discharge Criteria

  • Fracture Neck of femur excluded
  • Appropriate analgesia
  • Social circumstances – Safe for discharge
  • Actions explained to patient
  • Letter to GP

Hospital Admission Criteria

  • Deterioration (Must have review by ED team)
  • Fracture requiring admission
  • Social Circumstances – NOT safe for discharge


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