CDU – Post-Neb


Patients requiring nebulisers should have a minimum of 2hrs observation prior to discharge. This is to ensure that there is no significant deterioration when the neb wears off.

Ensure that the patient is suitable for discharge as long as they pass the observation period with no further treatment.

Specific admission criteria

  • Mild-Moderate exacerbation Asthma/COPD
  • Suitable for discharge after 2 hours (with NO further treatment)
  • NO Severe/Life-threatening features
  • Did NOT require IV Bronchodilators

Tasks to complete during admission

  • Full Nursing observations every hour
  • ED clinician review
  • Review of inhaler technique

Discharge Criteria

  • TTO – appropriate steroid and bronchodilator
  • Asthma advice sheet (if asthmatic)
  • Actions explained to patient
  • Return advice given
  • Letter to GP

Hospital Admission Criteria

  • Deterioration (Must have review by ED team)
  • Social circumstances – NOT safe for discharge

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