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Unlike RAID, our colleagues in CAMHS won’t take referrals form nursing staff. So there is no point arguing about it. A Dr or ACP will need to see the patient fill the form out and phone CAMHS.

Out of hours provision has changed from 21st Jan 2019



Out of Hours Provision – Change 21-1-19

In short between 23:00-09:00 CAMHS are unable to provide face-to-face consultations any longer. If the patient is:

  • Under 16yrs (16 & 17yrs will still be seen by RAID)
  • Medically fit for discharge

CAMHS will be able to provide a telephone consultation at the time, to agree a management plan either admission to Paeds or discharge with CAMHS follow up (if a Mental Health Assessment is required the duty psychiatrist will be contacted)

If discharged ensure family have the Contact Slip

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