Wear Gloves & Wash Your Hands!!!

In September 2018 there have been 2 cases of Monkey pox in the UK (Hence the PHE advice)

Monkeypox Virus outbreaks tend to occur in West/Central Africa’s  rural forested regions

  • Both UK patients have travelled from – Nigeria



  • Monkeypox Virus enters through mucosal membranes (Reps/GIT/Mouth/Eye), or wounds
  • Animal contact (Rodent and Bush meat) is the most common source
  • Human-Human transmission is rare but possible
    • Contact with clothing/bed linen
    • Contact with lesions
    • Cough/Sneeze if patient has lesions


Disease Course

  • Incubation 5-21 days
  • Phase 1: General viral illness (fever, headaches, myalgia, lethargy, lymphadenopathy)
  • Phase 2: Rash: initially Maculopapular starting face > extremities, turning into vesicles and pustules later. Phase 1 symptoms often deminish
  • Recovery: normally this is self limiting over 3 weeks (but deaths have occurred



Remember: Patients presenting from this region with fever are far more likely to have Malaria or Typhoid.

Monkeypox Suspected:

  • Isolate patient
  • Use gloves and strict hand hygiene: Contact with lesions is the highest risk
  • Discuss with Microbiologist: If they agree they will contact the IFS (Imported Fever Service) to arrange further assessment and investigation.
  • Do not use cubicle: contact HPT (health Protection Team) for cleaning advice

PHE: Monkeypox advice



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