COVID-19 Drive-By

Not quite GTA – This applies to patients who have contacted NHS-111, and have been screened by a microbiologist. From an ED point-of-view, this is not an emergency and we can arrange for the patient to attend at a time that will be convenient for them and the department (which may be the following day).


Booking In

  • Over the phone with reception
  • Via other professional

Prepare blue infection tray:

  • 4 Green respiratory/nasal swabs
  • 4 blue microbiology bags with yellow infection risk stickers
  • 1 purple specimen bag
  • Plastic sample box from the lab
  • Hand gel
  • Self-Isolation advice sheet
  • Non sterile gloves for both nurse and doctor (for mask removal)
  • Stickers and requisition for swabs – printed.
  • Yellow weaver bin, orange bag inside and another lose orange bag for FFP3/HOOD.

Don PPE which includes:

  • Change into Scrubs ( found in Majax room)
  • Thumb loop gowns ( if a hood user put hood on before gown)
  • Apply FFP3
  • Eye protection
  • Long gloves

Going out to patient:

  •    Ensure patient is under the tunnel to maintain dignity.
  •    Clinically assess (Are they safe to go home and self-isolate? Do we need to bring them into the department?)
  •    Obtain Swabs
  •    Give information leaflet, re-enforce self-isolation.

Decontamination outside: DOFFING

  • Remove gloves, gown, eye protection (Unless hood user) taking them off with care, away from the body. Place in orange bag in yellow weaver bin.
  • Tie first orange bag
  • Use hand sanitiser
  • Apply none sterile glove
  • Remove FFP3 mask/hood, place in second orange bag, then remove none sterile gloves place in orange bag with mask/hood.
  • Use hand sanitiser
  • Return to decontamination area within the department

Decontamination area with department:

  • On returning to area, apply apron and gloves
  • Remove FFP3/Hood, tristel all surfaces including blue tray, inside and outside of yellow bin and masks/hoods.
  • Double bag, bags that have been outside sealing with a swan neck tie, which can be found at the decontamination area.
  • Take apron and gloves off and discard in orange bin.
  • Wash hands with soap and warm water.
  • Change out of scrubs place in red laundry bag and then into a white laundry bag.
  • Make sure samples are hand delivered to lab.
  • Set trolley up ready for next case.

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