COVID-19 (Escalation-Ophthalmology Referral)

Any patient presenting to ED with ONLY Ophthalmic symptoms should be referred directly by the ED triage team to Ophthalmology:


  • 08:30 – 17:30 Mon-Fri, and 09:00 – 12:00 Sat all referrals are to be made directly to dedicated phone
  • Out is these times refers to Ophthalmology on-call

Minimum dataset:

    1. Referrer name + grade + location.
    2. Patient details – 3 points of ID (name + D.O.B. + NHS / hospital number).
    3. Best contact number for patient.
    4. COVID-19 status of patient.
      • Asymptomatic, COVID-19 NOT suspected.
      • Symptomatic, COVID-19 SUSPECTED.
      • Symptomatic, COVID-19 CONFIRMED.
    5. Ophthalmic symptoms / signs on presentation.

Any patient presenting to ED with Ophthalmic symptoms/signs IN ADDITION TO other systemic issues should continue to be assessed and managed by ED as normal:

  • Refer as above once deemed stable 
  • If admitted under another team (e.g medics) – ensure admitting team area aware that the referral is still to be made (Document clearly in notes and verbally hand over)

Full Guide – HERE

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