COVID-19 (Escalation-Primary PCI)


  • Symptoms suggestive of Acute Myocardial Infarction
  • Chest Pain within 12 hours
  • ECG showing acute myocardial infarction
    • ST elevation >1mm in limb leads
    • ST elevation >2mm in precordial leads
    • New LBBB with appropriate clinical history

Who to Call – When

  • In Hours (Mon-Friday 09-17:00) – ACS Nurse @ CRH (15)4942
  • Out of Hours (Mon-Fri 17-09:00 & Sat/Sun) – LGI (tel:O792O548411)

Advice – call LGI Cardiology SpR or Cardiologist locally


  • Critical Care 999 transfer with Paramedic crew
  • (Tel:O3OO33OO276)
  • Priority 1 with for primary angioplasty

 If no ambulance arrives within 10mins ring YAS for an update


  • Appropriate analgesia (Nitrates/Opiates)
  • Aspirin 300mg (if not already given)
  • Other medication may be given at the clinicians discretion
  • If accepted for PPCI also give Ticagrelor 180mg orally

Thrombolytics should NOT be given if the patient is accepted for PPCI





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