COVID-19 (optimal use of oxygen)

As you are aware during the Covid-19 pandemic our use of oxygen has increased. However, supply is limited and most hospitals can only generate 3000-5000l/min of oxygen (i.e. enough to treat 300-500 patients on 10l/min). If you exceed this capacity the oxygen valves can freeze and the whole oxygen supply can fail (e.g Watford General closing)

In an effort to optimise our use of oxygen, so as many patients as possible can be treated, trust oxygen targets have been updated.

  • Oxygen prescribing targets
    • General Adults: oxygen saturation 92-96% (adjusted from the current range of oxygen saturation 94-98%) – inc. stroke, myocardial infarction, trauma
    • Type 2 Resp Failure: oxygen saturation 88-92%
    • Covid-19 Patients: oxygen saturation 90-94%
  • Evidence from clinical trials: suggests that hyperoxia may be harmful and lower oxygen target ranges are safe. 

Trust adapted guide – HERE


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