CDU – Trauma (Significant mechanism but NO injury)

December 19, 2017

This pathway is for those patients who despite having a significant mechanism of injury, has survived relatively unscathed. Although they don’t require admission they could… Read more

Head Injury

February 27, 2018

Background Defined as any traumatic injury to the head other than superficial facial injuries. The commonest cause of death and disability in people age 1-40… Read more

RCEM CPD 2019 Day 1

April 2, 2019

¬†HEAD AND NECK Tracheostomy Emergency Care – Dr Brendan McGarth Needs to distinguish Tracheostomy from laryngectomy as a laryngectomy has no connection to the… Read more

RCEM CPD Conference Day 3

April 4, 2019



January 15, 2019

We often worry about patients developing rhabdomyolysis and consequently developing AKI. However, there is much debate and little consistency in the published data, over how… Read more