Acute Behavioural Disturbance / Excited Delirium

December 24, 2017

Most of us will have seen patients like this – agitated, aggressive and often with police or security pinning them down. High risk of Cardiovascular… Read more

Button Battery Ingestion

July 9, 2018

A button battery lodged in the Oesophagus is a medical emergency as it can cause necrosis and significant GI bleed – Refer immediately If anybody… Read more

CAMHS – referral

December 24, 2017

Unlike RAID, our colleagues in CAMHS won’t take referrals form nursing staff. So there is no point arguing about it. A Dr or ACP will… Read more

Concealed Illicit Drugs

January 15, 2021

Background Those suspected of concealing illicit drugs often present near ports and borders however they can present to any ED or be brought in by… Read more

Delirium in the ED

March 11, 2019

Delirium is one of a number of geriatric syndromes and has significant associated morbidity and mortality. 3 subtypes of delirium Hyperactive – easies to spot,… Read more

Domestic Abuse

August 27, 2018

Domestic abuse can affect anyone and often its not readily disclosed on an ED admission. We must be alert to the fact some of our… Read more

Mental Capacity Act (2005)

February 21, 2018

Applies to all over 16’s Principles Everyone is presumed to have capacity – until a lack of capacity has been established All practical efforts have… Read more

Paediatric Mental Health

October 26, 2020

The provision of out of hours mental health services for Children and young people (under the age of 18) is changing: – Between 8pm and… Read more

Patients at risk of harming themselves or others

March 18, 2019

Remember to complete ReACT or CAMHS assessment tools on EPR Read more

Resources for Patients with Self Injury

October 4, 2019

A selection of  patient, relative, and general resources designed to assist those presenting with self injury, and those who care for them. Read more

Return to Police Custody

February 12, 2021

It is vital that patients returning to police custody as discharged as safely as possible. Part of that is ensuring the custody team has adequate… Read more

Safeguarding Adult & Child

January 7, 2018

Safeguarding is massively important but often not done! This can be due to lack of recognition OR not knowing what help there is. Often our… Read more