Acute Behavioural Disturbance / Excited Delirium

Most of us will have seen patients like this – agitated, aggressive and often with police or security pinning them down.

  1. High risk of Cardiovascular Collapse/Death – likely due to adrenaline surge, heat exhaustion and injury. It can happen very suddenly.
  2. Keep physical restraint to a minimum – Don’t allow patient to forced face down, it’s the most likely way of killing them.
  3. Sedation – if you’re restraining you will almost certainly need to sedate. IV is best but if access is too risky IM will have to do.
  4. Aggressive management of underlying issues – esp. hyperthermia and acidosis and look out for rhabdomyolysis and DIC

Refusing treatment = Mental Capacity Assessment [LINK]

DrugRouteTypical Dose (mg)Onset (min)Duration (min)Warning
MidazolamIV2-51-530-60Respiratory depression, IM unpredictable onset
HaloperidolIV5-1010180-360Arrhythmia Risk: Only if previously used OR ECG
KetamineIV1-2mg/kg120-30Theoretical risk of worsening cardiovascular instability


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