ED Safety Checklist

The ED Safety Checklist is in place to help us ensure patients receive the highest quality care whilst in the ED.

  • Regular observations
  • Pressure care
  • Regular updates
  • Refreshments
  • Personal care

Self Discharge

Return to Custody

  • Relevant advice given
  • What medication was given in ED
  • Discharge medication
  • Capacity assessment if leaving against advice

PDF: Return to custody form

CP-IS Access 

  • CP-IS alert on FirstNET
  • Log in with Smart-Card
  • GoTo – NHS spine icon
  • Select – Launch Summary Care Record

  • Check – Patient detail
  • Check – Child Protection Alert



All information held within SUDIC paperwork

  • Care for the child with dignity
  • Retain ALL clothing/equipment
  • Before removing/cutting  ANY thing – You must talk to Coroner

Death in ED

Referred to the Coroner immediately (24 hrs/day)