SUDIC – Sudden Unexpected Death In Child

Occasionally children (<18 yrs) unfortunately will either die in ED or be brought in dead, this is obviously a terrible time for the child’s family and for staff. Despite this there are several important things we must do.

  • Continue to care for the child with dignity
  • Retain ALL clothing/jewelry/disposable equipment
  • Before removing or cutting  ANY tubes/probes – You must talk to Coroner
  • Call:
    • Paediatric Consultant
    • ED Consultant – should be informed and will be happy to attend for any support needed
    • Coroner
    • Police – will often go to scene
  • Complete SUDIC paperwork – ED sections (Paediatrics will complete their sections)
  • Bereavement box – available in Resus CRH or Ward 18 HRI
  • 4louis Boxes – available Both departments (memory box)
  • Counselling for parents is picked up afterwards (doesn’t need to happen immediately)

All information help within SUDIC paperwork


Hot Debriefs are often useful, however, often things hit you later. Formal debriefing will be arranged but feel free to talk to seniors at any point.


Full Policy – HERE




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