1. Why we get things wrong – “A tale of two systems”

November 3, 2018

Very few of us come to work intent on doing harm. However, despite that we all keep making mistakes. Most of them pass unnoticed and do little harm, although we are all aware the times they don’t, and it is not only the patient that suffers. Read more

Digital ECG

January 2, 2019

Digital ECG has now gone live on both sites. We now have no excuse for loosing ECGs and not sending them to the wards with patients! Please ensure you put an operator ID in as well as all the patient information to ensure the ECG transmits to EPR – if… Read more

ED essentials – for newbies

July 31, 2018

Departmental things

Daily huddle happens at 8am, 5pm and 10pm please ensure you are there to present your patients
Senior Reviews (ensure the review is documented):

Child under 1yr
Atraumatic Chest Pain >30yrs
Abdo Pain >70yrs
Return under 72 hrs (with the same condition)

Nursing Roles (unique to ED)

Nurse in Charge: They keep our department flowing, and need to know what is happening to your patients. Keep them updated with plans and referrals Or they will pester you.
Triage Nurses: They make a triage assessments, set priority and stream the patients to the most appropriate area. (they have <5min/patient). The information they document is really important – read it! But remember its a quick initial assessment and wont be perfect.
Multitalented HCA’s: They perform many roles in ED, bloods, cannulas, dressings, PoP’s and much more

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First Net

April 7, 2020

Here is an introduction to using FirstNet: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rANVfkbVto4&feature=youtu.be   Read more

Get-There-Itis (Plan Continuation Bias)

February 18, 2024

The Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) are well-aware of the dangers of Plan Continuation Bias:
“The continuation of an original plan even with the availability of new information that suggests that the plan should be abandoned or at least updated.” AKA Get-There-Itis.
Get-There-Itis has been the cause of multiple fatal air-accidents, where pilots have allowed stressors to bias their decision making, and fatally stick to a failing plan. But… these stressors effect everyone and clinicians are not immune!
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Locum Induction

March 20, 2018

NEW locum staff we need to introduce them to our department and processes. Complete & Sign – check list  Please familiaries yourself with the EMBeds page for ED Essentials for Newbies Locum Doctor IT access Locum doctors to be assigned a unique log in by Flexible Workforce when booked for… Read more