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Death in ED

Do you need to Refer to Coroner? 

Question 1: Are there clear grounds for referral to the coroner?

(The death is suspicious or unnatural, for example it is traumatic, related to drug or alcohol intoxication)

  • YESrefer to the coroner using the online form available on the intranet
  • NO – . (Go to Question 2)

Question 2: Is the cause of death known?

  • YES – the cause of death is clear.
    • MCCD can be issued, but only after  agreed with an ME
  • POSSIBLY – you are not sure but feel it may be possible to arrive at a sensible cause of death “to the best of your knowledge”
    • Discussion with an ME may be helpful in allowing you to issue an MCCD
  • NO – there is no diagnostic information that could lead to a likely cause of death
    • Likely referral to the coroner, but discussion with an ME may still help agree the appropriate course of action.

Advice can be sought directly from the ME team via email (during office hours)

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