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D&V in kids

Paediatric gastroenteritis can be a pain fro everyone but as with most of EM trust in K.I.S.S.

  • Not dehydrated – make sure they can tolerate fluids, and encourage hydration, think about ORT
  • Dehydrated – look for the red flags that indicate they are developing shock. Use ORT unless IV indicated
  • Shocked – you will need access and it will probably be difficult (IO on awake children really isn’t that bad)


Upper GI Bleed (UGIB)

Not normally difficult to spot, but look for it in unexplained anaemia, or collapse.


  • Is it VARICEAL? Mortality 35%, so is an emergency whatever the GBS is.
  • Non-Variceal what’s the GBS? will help guide treatment

Anyone being admitted should be brought to HRI

Emergency Endoscopy is arranged by Med Reg

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