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Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT)

Our protocol is initiated by ED and GP’s

Do the Wells Score and the D-Dimer – even if the wells score is high risk we still need a D-Dimer as will guide what happens in the event of a negative initial scan.

Ambulatory Vs MAU – is Rivaroxaban contraindicated, or patient won’t mange ambulatory care.

Ambulatory Patients – order U/S on EPR and prescribe 3 weeks of Rivaroxaban (3 x weekly scripts). Ultrasound will tell them to stop if scan negative and refer to DVT clinic or back to GP.


VTE prophylaxis in Lower Limb Injury

Our pathway has recently changed to reduce time  and inconvenience, for both you and our patients.

  • Consider in ALL over 16’s with lower limb immobilisation.
  • Bloods not required for everyone.
  • Prescribe for 2 weeks (to cover any delay to # clinic)
  • Shapes Bin is collected from ED





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