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Hypernatraemia is a not a common presentation in ED, as intense thirst often prevents significant hypernatraemia in neurologically intact individuals. So… Mortality rates are high (20-70%) and the severity of hypernatraemia has been shown be an independent predictor of mortality.

However, there is little good data on hypernatremia to base guidance on, and definitions vary within the literature

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Remember: is it a haemolysed blood sample? (you can do an iSTAT)


  • Mild: 5.5-5.9mmol/l – No urgent action required (Dietary & Medication modification & GP F/U)
  • Moderate: 6.0-6.4mmol/l – Follow treatment guide (maybe suitable for discharge)
  • Severe: ≥6.5mmol/l OR ECG changes – Follow treatment guide, must admit

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