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COVID-19 (Which Covid Test)

Once the “Decision to Admit” has been made, an appropriate Covid-19 Test will need to be performed

  1. Select the appropriate patient group below
  2. Perform Test
  3. Clearly document which test was performed

Suspected Covid-19 Positive Patient

Patients with Covid-19 symptoms should have 2 swabs taken immediately

  1. PCR Testing – sent to lab
  2. Lateral Flow Devices – in ED for result after 30mins.

Record result on EPR as “Covid-19 Antigen Lateral Flow – POCT”

Patients Admitted To: Stroke (HASU), Paeds (HDU) OR Requires “URGENT” Result

Any patients identified by site commander as needing urgent result for flow reasons

(This also includes direct ward admissions to gastro and oncology)

  • Test swabs on ROCHE LIAT machine (performed by)
    • Site Commander
    • Night Matron
    • Stroke nurses
  • In ED prior to transfer – Results are in 90mins.

Record result on EPR as “Covid-19 RNA PCR – POCT”

NO Covid-19 Symptoms Present

A swab MUST be taken and sent to the lab for PCR testing.

Patient does not wait in ED for result.

Vascular Emergencies (Regional Pathways)


Vascular surgery has been reconfigured across etc region. The vascular oncall will be based at BRI 24/7.

Multiple pathways have been developed below to help guide appropriate use – full guide HERE

AAA (Symptomatic)
AAA (Incidental)
Ischaemic Limb (Acute)

Ischaemic Limb (Critical)

Ischaemic Limb (Intermittent Claudication)
Uncontrolled Haemorrhage (Interventional Radiology)

Some patients benefit from control of bleeding using embolization techniques, which is a procedure performed by an Interventional Radiologist.

Patients should be treated in their receiving hospital to the maximum of that hospital’s capability, where at all possible. When all local treatment options have been exhausted, the patient should be discussed with one of the Arterial Centres (BRI) with a view to transfer for ongoing management by IR techniques.

Isolated Vascular Trauma

Diabetic Foot

Emergency Transfer

Urgent Vascular Clinic

Access is very limited to this clinic. It is envisioned by WYVas that access to UVAC for ED patients will be arranged through direct (telephone) referral to either:

  • IN hours: Local (HRI) or ON-Call (BRI)Vascular Consultant
  • OUT of hours: ON-Call (BRI) Vascular Consultant