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r3 – Red-Flag Sepsis

Project One: Red-Flag Sepsis

  • Population: Red-Flag Sepsis (adult)
  • Location: ED
  • Aim: 90% to receive antibiotics and fluid within 1 hour of recognition.
  • Time: by St David’s Day 2019

the Team

  • ED Sisters: Gemma & Liz
  • ED Nurses: Lindsay & Katherine
  • ED Dr/ACP: Huw, Zak, George & Karen
  • Queen of Data: Charlotte

Over the coming months we will be examining and testing many potential solutions to improve our treatment of Red-Flag Sepsis. Some will be big and many small. If you have a burning idea of what could streamline/improve our current process, please let us know big or small.

Chat to us, email, or post a comment – we will happily look at how we could test it and potentially introduce it across the departments.