Resources for Patients with Self Injury

A selection of  patient, relative, and general resources designed to assist those presenting with self injury, and those who care for them.

The National Self Harm Network (link) are a forum based organisation that support people who self harm and the people that care for them in the UK.
They engage people in open and honest discussion and provide the right information and agencies who can support them further.

The forum is a useful tool in its own right, and NSHN have produced a number of leaflets that you can sign post patients and their carers to. I recommend having a read yourself.

Some are linked below, or you can see them all here (link). This link is is also available in EMbeds patient info section (link), which patients can access in the usual manner.

What is Self Harm?

Advice for Friends, Family and Carers

Advice for Young People

Self Harm Report Card

Self Harm Treatment Feedback

Common Misconceptions

Distraction Lists

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