Domestic Abuse

Domestic abuse can affect anyone and often its not readily disclosed on an ED admission. We must be alert to the fact some of our patients may be attending with domestic abuse. Please explore concerns and escalate if you’re unsure. Our colleagues in the Pennine Domestic Violence Group have kindly drawn this a guidance up for us.

Immediate/ High Risk

  • If the patient is at immediate risk of harm, contact the police on 999
  • Complete DASH Risk Assessment/DA Pack (MARAC Box – A&E Reception)
  • If not safe to discharge home, contact the Emergency Duty Team to access emergency accommodation

High/ Medium Risk

  • If you have concerns that the patient may be at risk on discharge, contact the police on 101 to complete a welfare check
  • Contact the Emergency Duty Team if you believe the adult/child is at risk
  • Complete DASH Risk Assessment/DA Pack

Medium/ Standard Risk


DASH Risk Assessment

The DASH Risk Assessment and DA Pack must still be completed even if the police are in attendance and have completed their own DASH/ Safeguarding process; patients may disclose more information to health professionals.

High Risk

  • The patient scores 14+ ‘yes’ ticks between questions 1 – 26
  • The patient meets one of the high-risk indicators which are as follows:
    • Assaulted during pregnancy
    • Significant injury from assault i.e. fracture
    • Use of weapons; assaulted using an object (e.g. TV remote, cup, glass)
    • Suffocation, strangulation, drowning; any attempt to restrict airways
    • Sexual assault/rape
  • Professional judgment; you may not have the opportunity to complete a DASH or the patient may be minimizing the abuse so use your professional judgment and go with your gut feeling!

Medium Risk

  • The patient ticks ‘yes’ on several or more of the bold questions
  • There is evidence of stalking and harassment/ Honour Based Violence (complete the additional sections on the DASH)
  • Professional judgment; is there potential escalation of abuse? The patient may have recently left the relationship or is planning to which may aggravate circumstances.

Standard Risk

  • This may be an isolated incident and the patient has scored a low number of ‘yes’ ticks on the DASH
  • You are satisfied the patient/ children are safe and the abuse is unlikely to reoccur


Further information/advice

contact the following (business hours 8:00 – 17:00)- professional use only

Calderdale resident

  • Calderdale Domestic Abuse Hub
  • Tel: 01422 337 041

Kirklees resident

  • Independent Domestic Violence Advisor (Pennine Domestic Violence Group)- Paul Nolan
  • Tel: 07730 522 503. E-mail : /




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