Rare Antidotes – how to get

Getting some of the rarer antidotes has recently been clarified across Yorkshire (Accessing rarely used antidotes-SOP)

Antidote should be available within 1 hour 

  •  Digoxin-specific antibody fragments (Digifab®) 

Digifab® should be available in the both Emergency Drug Cupboards

Antidote held @ SJUH

  • Sodium calcium edetate injection [Lead]
  • DMSA (succimer) capsules [Mercury/Arsenic]
  • DMPS (unithiol) injection and capsules [Mercury/Arsenic]
  • Berlin Blue soluble (Prussian Blue) Capsules [Caesium/Thallium]
  • Botulinum antitoxin 
  • Pralidoxime [Organophosphate]
  • Hepatitis B Immunoglobulin (not on “rare antidote” form but contact pharmacist as below, needs authorisation by consultant microbiology or PHE)

Contact SJUH: (in-hours) Dispensary responsible pharmacist or (out of hours) on-call pharmacist. Agree amount to be sent (toxbase will give dose & duration) & transport.

Complete requisition form and send to the email/fax agreed with the SJUH pharmacist.

Drugs (except red) also held @ Sheffield and Hull – information & request forms in SOP

Antidote held nationally

  • Glucarpidase [Methotrexate]

Due to cost this is not held in yorkshire but after discussion with NPIS (number on toxbase) it can be obtained from Clinigen Group 24 hours a day 7 days a week  (contact details SOP pg 4)

  • Antivenoms – Exotic Species 

Access to these antivenoms (antiserums) is available to the NHS but clinical authorisation is required and advice from an expert and it is on a named patient basis. Contact NPIS for further advice. 

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