VTE prophylaxis in lower limb Immobilisation (ED – 2022)

June 22, 2022

In the Emergency Department (ED) lower leg immobilisation after injury is a necessary treatment but is also a known risk factor for the development of… Read more

Paediatric Blast Injury

June 14, 2022

Save the Children, have published a used full guide on management on blast injuries in children. Taking you through pre-hospital, ED and inpatient care. Although… Read more


May 28, 2022

Wear Gloves & Wash Your Hands!!! There have been >100 patients identified as having Monkeypox in the UK during the current outbreak. Most of these… Read more

Intranasal Fentanyl

May 12, 2022

There is currently a national shortage of Intranasal Diamorphine therefore we are using Intranasal Fentanyl as a replacement. Dose is 1.5micrograms/Kg for the initial dose… Read more

Obstetric Emergencies at HRI

April 21, 2022

Pregnant patients with Severe Life threatening conditions e.g serious trauma, cardiac arrest, serious medical condition Manage as per ALS/ATLS/MOET guidance (Don’t forget uterine displacement manually).… Read more

Penthrox (Methoxyflurane)

April 1, 2022

Penthrox is an inhaled, patient controlled analgesic for use with moderate to severe acute pain associated with trauma.  Not to be used in atraumatic pain,… Read more

Paeds Liaison Form – EPR

March 13, 2022

The Paediatric Liaison Form (PLF is now part of EPR – how to guide) This form alerts the Paediatric Liaison Team to your concerns so that… Read more

Protected: CRH Trauma Trolley

March 10, 2022