#Limb Injury – Trust Treatment and Follow-Up

September 14, 2021

Select the appropriate body area for guidance table No Spinal injuries, back pain, Cauda Equina, foot drop etc to be referred to VFC Shoulder Elbow Hand/Wrist Knee Foot/Ankle 5th MT zones   Read more

Ophthalmology Referral Pathway

July 12, 2021

The following pathway will continue post-pandemic Direct dial from HRI 152539, From CRH 2539. Read more

Surgery Referral Pathway

November 9, 2020

Introduction The Surgical and ED teams have worked closely to provide an agreed process, to aid patient flow through the ED and help to maintain our acute beds for those patient who need them. Between 07:00-18:00 SDEC should be utilised as much as possible for those  patient who may not… Read more

Urology Referral Pathways

July 1, 2021

Referral The first point of contact for urology advice and referral is the general surgical SHO. This is the on-call surgical SHO carrying the on-call bleep. Some of the on call general surgical SHO have a urology background. If a time critical emergency such as torsion is presenting, then the… Read more