Medical SDEC

Note: If the referrer feels the presentation of a patient is not within the inclusion/exclusion criteria they can still contact the SDEC co-ordinator and check for acceptance into SDEC.

  • ED referrals ONLY 08-18:00
  • Check Capacity prior to sending
  • Investigations: FBC/U&E/Clotting/ECG

Medical SDEC exclusion criteria:

  • Age <16yrs old
  • Not General Medical (i.e. Trauma, Surgical, Frailty, Haem/Onc, Renal, Mental Health)
  • Not mobile OR at baseline (Bed-bound patients are exclusions)
  • Oxygen Requirement
  • NEWS2 >5 OR individual score of 3

  • Suitable for UCH/LCD
  • Required Frailly input
  • Time-Critical diagnoses (examples)
    • High-risk chest pain:
      • STEMI
      • New acute ECG changes such as LBBB
      • Ongoing cardiac chest pain
      • Troponin positive
    • Stroke including TIA
    • Sepsis
    • Seizure
  • Require Admission/monitoring (examples)
    • Overdose or intoxication with alcohol/drugs
    • Hypothermia
    • Severe pain (pain score >6/10 despite analgesia)
    • Haematemesis/melaena (with GBS>2)
    • Asthma with peak flow <75% of best/predicted
    • Severe electrolyte abnormalities (Requiring IV therapy)
    • Acute Confusion (senior discussion only)
  • Requires Isolation (examples)
    • Diarrhoea and vomiting
    • COVID-19/flu
    • Measles

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