Post ROSC CT Protocol

Within ED we often have little information about the patient we are resuscitating. Post-ROSC (return of spontaneous circulation )we commonly perform CT head, but evidence and Resus Council Guidance suggests extending this scan can pick up important pathology that can otherwise be missed (13%).

Inclusion Criteria (ALL)

  • ROSC – From OOH arrest or early arrest in ED
  • No ‘CLEAR’ Cause – e.g. STEMI, Hanging, overdose (which would need emergent treatment or different scan regime)
  • For Full & Active Management
  • No Contrast Allergy

Scan (Order)

  • CT Head
  • CTPA
  • CT Abdo/Pelvis


  • During a period of stability – decided clinically by ED/ICU (will be escorted)
  • Ideally within 6Hrs of ROSC
  • Should NOT delay time critical treatments or transfer to destination ward


  • Referral can be made direct to radiographer if:
    • MG/Con – by ED/ICU/Med
    • Document‘Post ROSC ED CT Protocol, No Clear Cause, For full Active management, renal function will be treated’
  • Green (18G) Cannula – or larger
  • Transfer – will need medical transfer team (i.e. not just a nurse)
    • Likely from ED but no need to wait in ED , can happen on way/from ward/ICU
  • eGFR – not needed prior (as will be treated anyway)



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