Death in ED

Do you need to Refer? 

  • A qualified medical practitioner certifies death is due to natural causes and
  • The family or other party do not raise any concerns
  • The full guidance is available – Guide to Reporting Deaths April19

Referred to the Coroner immediately (24 hrs/day)

Police only need to be informed in the following circumstances:

  • When the identity of the deceased is unknown
  • When support is needed in identifying OR informing the next of kin of the deceased
  • If the death is suspicious

Take a copy of the death notice and coroner’s referral form to General Office

  • If out of hours, it should be taken at 9am the following morning
  • This ensures General Office can maintain communication with the deceased relatives
  • If you are able to complete a death certificate these are available in the red boxes in both departments – please do this before leaving shift and take to the general office in hours or the next working day at 9am.
  • if a cremation form is required these are now online and general office will send you the link – please complete these promptly to help families.

MRN number should be noted

  • In the ED co-ordinator’s diary so that the duty consultant can discuss with the coroner on the next working day if needed.

Document following in the patients notes:

  • Time of certification and full name and contact details of certifying doctor
  • Cause of death if known
  • Names and phone numbers of NOK
  • Names of those present when the patient died (staff and relatives)
  • The completion of the referral to the coroner (also print a paper copy of the form)

Link to coroners webpage – if you need to confirm contact details

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