Need For Recovery

The Need for Recovery (NfR) score is a well validated tool to measure your need for recovery after the physical/mental strains of work. Originally designed for bus drivers, it has since been successfully used across may careers including recent studies in ED doctors and ACP’s.


  • We would like to see how you’re doing (anonymously) – so please answer honestly
  • If over time your score has increased or you think your score is high – please talk to any of the senior team

Previous studies

JobWhole populationBus DriversMerchant SailorsMinersNursesNursesParamedicsED DrsED ACP
CountryNetherlands Netherland UK IsraelBrazilNetherlandsNetherlandsUK 2020UK 2021
NFR score3827.236.455.236.439.443.670TBC

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