#NoF – Fractured Neck of Femur


Not just a NoF, think like Dr Mark Sloan.

  • Did they Trip
  • Did they Collapse
  • Were they PUSHED!!!


  • Medically unwell (Think Med Review)
  • Treat the pain (Think Block)- info contained in PDF
  • On Warfarin (Think Vit-K)



Nerve block for Kids

  • Consent child and parent as appropriate
  • Nasal Diamorph – they will need it and it removes the need for lidocaine in the block (as long as done within 30min)
  • Nerve block mix – MAX: 1ml/kg 0.25% Levobupivicaine (i.e 2.5mg/kg) – however only need to flush around nerve as adult.


search: FEMORAL NERVE block

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