ACS (HS-Trop) Pathway

On the 8th of May we are changing our current troponin test to a HS-Trop (high sensitivity troponin). This will allow us to exclude ACS earlier in the patient journey, however it does mean getting used to new numbers and a new protocol.

Patients on Warfarin/DOAC : Use Asprin and Clopidogrel

PDF: Full Guidance


  • Why are we changing troponin? – Siemens is withdrawing our current troponin and replacing it with a HS-Trop (High sensitivity troponin)
  • Does it change the pathway? – Yes we are using the highSTEACS pathway developed in scotland. (the 3hr troponin has been dropped for initial rollout due to worries about confusion- however, once embedded we will need to introduce it i feel august change over would be a good opportunity
  • When do we take the blood samples? – The initial troponin must be taken at least 2hrs after chest pain, a second trop may be required 6hrs after the 1st  (AAU/CDU)
  • Do we need to do a HEART score? – No, evidence shows the use of risk stratification in these pathways doesn’t increase safety but only increases admissions
  • Can we rule out ACS after the first trop? – Yes if the troponin is <5ng and the ecg is normal we can rule out ACS.[Symptoms of Unstable Angina require admission]
  • Why does it have different cut offs for male/female? – It is known women have significantly lower troponin to men, ESC recommends using the different cut offs (now our test is sensitive enough to pick this difference up)
  • How should we treat transgender/intersex patients – There is no good evidence I can find (I would suggest using the female cut off – as patients who have transitioned to male are probably not going to have as high a troponin, and those who have transitioned to females may have reduced their baseline troponin with hormone therapy) – Be aware the lab can only report against the one registered sex for the patient.
  • Doesn’t highSTEACS have a 3hr Trop too? – Yes it does and in time we will be aiming to utilise this too. However, this relies on using Delta’s (i.e. the change in troponin), and it is felt that it is worth delaying introduction of this until we have got used to the new pathway.
  • Why are the numbers on the official highSTEACS pathway different? – This is because it uses the Abbott test.  the highSTEACS pathway has been also validated on the Siemens assay we will be using. As to why the Abbot and Siemens cut-offs are so different, this is due to the way the assays amplify the troponin present (its not as simple as a U&E that just measures what is there).


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