Injuries in Non-Mobile Children

Unfortunately under 1 year olds are at a higher risk of NAI and this needs to be considered in ALL presentations. But remember if the child can’t Crawl/Stand/Cruise/Walk they shouldn’t injure themselves.

Rolling is NOT mobility!

This group (typically <9mths) who can’t Crawl/Stand/Cruise/Walk, should not be able to cause themselves bruising or burns. and hence a high level of suspicion is required.

Any visible Bruises/Burns/Scalds complete following in ALL cases:

  1. Senior ED Review: To establish level of risk/concern
  2. Refer to  Children’s Social Services: This should be done for all irrespective of risk or concern [As social services can monitor attendances across all trusts]. But also information on home circumstances, and siblings can be gathered to better judge the safety of discharge.
  3. Refer to Paeds Consultant: This should be done by the reviewing senior in ED [The Paeds Con will arrange admission for assessment & safeguarding medical]

Contacting Children’s Social services – Health professionals only

  • Kirklees: In hours (01484 456848), Out of hours (01484 414933)
  • Calderdale: In hours (01422 393336), Out of hours (01422 288000)


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