Major Trauma Network

We are part of the West Yorkshire Major Trauma Network with our MTC at LGI

WYMTN: Guides

We know that from time-time patient are brought to us and we find injuries that are more appropriate to manage at the MTC. This is inevitable as the on scene triage tool is never going to identify every major trauma patient – this is a failing of the tool not the crew. The decision tree below can help you  arrange transfers in the most timely and appropriate manner.

In the event of transfer ensure

  • We have communicated with the appropriate team/s at LGI
  • All notes are printed and sent with patient
  • All radiology is linked
  • If patient is actively requiring blood – ensure it is taken with patient including all relevant paper work
  • Who is the most appropraite person to accompany the patient? – is the nurse going to add anything over the paramedics?
  • Ensure transfer team
    • Has got appropriate equipment
    • Has enough oxygen
    • Has appropriate drugs/fluids
    • Has patient notes
    • Knows where they are going – and has contact information
    • Has warm clothes, money, telephone, and has been to the toilet (the ambulance might not bring them back)
  • Inform LGI ED (or alternate destination) when the patient is leaving us

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