Vaccination Schedules UK & International

Working out what your patient might have been vaccinated for can be tricky, and more so if they were raised outside of the UK. Luckily there are a couple of tools online you can use to make this easier.

For UK

The UK schedule, changes regularly  for previous schedules you can go to

It is worth noting Tetanus only entered the UK immunisation schedule in 1961


For Europe

Nice and easy to use, you can search by country and/or disease. And make comparative searches also.


The WHO has a couple of tools

Search by age range (ie what vaccinations would a child between 2 and 8 years be due).

Search by disease

Both links can be stratified by region, country, disease.

The results are a little less easy to interpret than the first link, but there is a lot of stats about up take etc.

However, I can find no way to search for historical vaccination schedules. E.G. If you wanted to know what year Belgium introduced the national tetanus vaccination program. Be aware these schedules changed all the time.

Dont forget the bubbles has schedules for Aus, NZ, USA

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