Covid-19: Oximetry @home pathway

In 2022 we can now refer Covid-19 patients who are being discharged into the  “Oximetry @home” pathway.

CHFT staff need to complete the attached referral form and email it to the LCD email address on the form. LCD will then make contact with the patient within 24 hours and onboard them (as it’s an 8am-6pm service).

Inclusion Criteria

The COVID Oximetry @home pathway is available to people who  fulfil ALL 3 of the following:

  1. Diagnosed with COVID-19: either clinically or positive test result AND
  2. Symptomatic AND EITHER
  3. Aged 65 years or older OR Under 65 years and at higher risk

(risk factors such as pregnancy, learning disability, caring responsibilities and/or deprivation) 


Exclusion criteria

Patients excluded from the service are:

  • Those who are not registered patients of a Calderdale or Kirklees GP
  • Children under the age of 18 years
  • Those who have an End of Life (Emergency Care Plan or Anticipatory Care Plan) that indicates escalation of care to hospital would be inappropriate
  • Double vaccinated, not symptomatic or higher risk
  • Those whose known usual resting oxygen saturation is 95% or less on air
  • Patients/Carers without the mental capacity to understand the information
  • Pregnancy


Referral Form [HERE] – complete and send to email address on form

Info leaflet [HERE]

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