Eye Clinic Referral Criteria

What should you send to Eye Clinic and how soon?

Master Sgt. Preston Kash, a 22nd Air Force Detachment 1 flight engineer, has a routine eye exam performed June 30, 2014, at Little Rock Air Force Base, Ark. Members of the 19th Medical Group optometry clinic key in on their patient’s needs, ensuring they receive the right care. (U.S. Air Force photo by Airman 1st Class Harry Brexel)

A: For Immediate referral to on call ophthalmologist (even out of hours):

  1. Dendritic Ulcers
  2. Alkali Injuries (inc, wet plaster/cement) – continually irrigate eye(s) until pH is normal
  3. Superglue in eye
  4. Post-trauma proptosis
  5. Periorbital cellulitis
  6. Red eye with raised ocular pressure (acute glaucoma)
  7. Eye surgery within 1 month
  8. Sudden/recent (within 2 weeks) onset of floaters
  9. Sudden loss of vision, decreased visual acuity: retina detachment, central retinal artery obstruction
  10. Penetrating eye injuries
  11. Patients that present with any eye problem that have a history of corneal grafting in that eye

B: Patients suitable for eye clinic referral: 

  1. Red eye over 2 weeks duration or already treated with chloramphenicol for more that 5 days
  2. Decreased visual acuity over 2 days duration
  3. Central corneal abrasion or abrasion occupying more than 50% of the cornea
  4. Incomplete removal of foreign body / rust ring
  5. Iritis (single red eye, no trauma/foreign body, no discharge, photophobia)
  6. Non-alkali (ie acid) injuries that have been irrigated to normal pH
  7. Thermal injuries/burns to eye
  8. Any other referrals should be discussed with A&E senior grade / ophthalmologist middle grade on call

C: No need for refferal: 

  1. Red eye for less that 2 weeks or not having had 5 days of antibiotics for example conjunctivitis
  2. Peripheral corneal abrasions that occupy less than 50% of cornea
  3. Completely removed foreign bodies, without residual rust rings

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