Non-Site Specific Referrals

This is the pathway for patients in whom there is a significant concern about malignancy or other serious pathology but who do not meet the pathway for a site specific referral e.g lung cancer pathway etc.

Patients must be haemodynamically stable and suitable for discharge from the ED to have their investigations as an  urgent outpatient.

Exclusion Criteria:
• Patient has specific alarming symptoms warranting referral onto a site-specific two week
wait pathway
• Patient is too unwell or unable to attend as an outpatient or needs acute admission
• Patient is likely to have a non-cancer diagnosis suitable for another specialist pathway
• Patient is currently being investigated for the same problem by another specialist team
• Please consider whether a referral to frailty might be more appropriate

How to complete the referral via EPR

Once referral is completed the team will pick it up and arrange further investigations.

Ensure the patient contact details on EPR are up to date and they know the team will be contacting them.

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