Paediatric Infections – School Exclusion/Isolation

Prevent the spread of infections by ensuring: routine immunisation, high standards of personal hygiene and practice, particularly hand-washing, and maintaining a clean environment. However, Public Health England recommend exclusion in some conditions.

InfectionExclusion/Isolation GuidanceNotifiable*Additional advice
Athlete’s footNone neededTreatment recommended. Avoid being barefoot.
ChickenpoxUntil all lesions crusted overPregnant contacts should consult GP/midwife
Cold soresNone neededAvoid direct contact
ConjunctivitisNone neededOutbreak=Consult local health protection team (HPT)
COVID 19Exclude in high temperature and unwell
Positive COVID-19 test: exclude for 3 days after the day of testCan continue to attend with mild symptoms e.g. runny nose and headache
Diarrhoea and vomitingUntil symptoms have settled for 48 hoursIf Ecoli 157 STEC/Typhoid/Shigella/ CryptosporidiosisIf notifiable cause consult HPT for further advice
DiptheriaMust be excludedYesAlways consult HPT for advice
EBVNone needed
Fifth disease (Slapped cheek)None neededPregnant contacts should consult GP/midwife
Hand foot and mouthNone needed usuallyContact HPT if a large number of children
Head liceNone needed/Until first treatment givenTreatment indicated only when live lice are seen
ImpetigoUntil lesions are crusted and healed/48 hours after starting antibiotics
Infectious MononucleosisNone needed
InfluenzaUntil recoveredReport outbreaks to HPT
Hep AExclude until 7 days after onset of symptoms/jaundiceHPT will advise protection measures in outbreaks
Hep B/C/HIVNone neededNot infectious through casual contact
Measles4 days from onset of rashYesPregnant contacts must consult GP/midwife immediately
MeningitisUntil recovered/ Viral=noneViral=No/Other=YesContact HPT for more advice
Molluscum ContagiosumNone needed
Mumps5 days from onset of swollen glandsYes
MRSANone neededGood hygiene e,g handwashing, environmental cleaning, help minimise spread
Respiratory infectionsExclude in high temperature and unwellCan continue to attend with mild symptoms e.g. runny nose and headache
RingwormNot usually required but must treat
RoseolaNone needed
Rubella4 days from onset of rashYesPregnant contacts must consult GP/midwife immediately
ScabiesUntil first treatment givenClose contacts should be treated at same time
Scarlet fever24 hours after starting antibioticsYesIf no antibiotics, exclude until symptoms recover
ThreadwormsNone neededTreat child and close contacts
TBUntil 2 weeks after starting treatmentYesOnly pulmonary TB is infectious and needs prolonged close contact to spread.
HPT will contact trace
Warts/verrucaeNone neededCover in swimming pools and gymnasium
Whooping cough2 days after starting antibiotics/21 days after symptom onset if no antibioticsYesNon-infectious coughing may continue for weeks

*Registered medical practitioners in England and Wales have a statutory duty to notify their local authority or UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) HPT of suspected cases of certain infectious diseases.


Yorkshire and the Humber HPT – Find your HPT

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