FERNO Traction Splint

How to apply the FERNO traction splint for our in-hospital patients

Pre-application, ensure:

  • Patents’ analgesia has been optimised
  • Neuro-vascular status has been checked
  • Measure uninjured leg (L)
  • Select appropriate splint (Adult/Paediatric)
  • Select appropriate Skin Traction Kit (Adult/Paediatric)

Adjust length

  • The overall length of the splint is adjustable to fit the patient’s leg.
  • To adjust the length of the splint, loosen the two lock collars by turning them anti-clockwise.
  • Pull or push the splint to the appropriate length. Rotate the lock collars clockwise to tighten. [measuring from thigh pad to heel stand]


Apply Skin Traction Kit

  • Apply appropriately sized Skin Traction Kit
  • Tie the attachment stings to create a loop (reef knot) approx. 10cm from foot.

Heel Stand

  • The heel stand elevates the injured leg.
  • To unfold the heel stand, pull the heel stand release ring and pull the heel stand down. Release the release ring to engage the lock. Confirm the heel stand has locked into place.
  • To fold the heel stand, pull the heel stand-release ring and fold the heel stand toward the splint frame.

Applying the Splint

  • While continuing to support the injured leg, slide the splint under the injured leg until the thigh pad rests against the lower pelvic bone. Fasten the hip strap (Figure 7) with padding placed under the strap.
  • Pull the traction-release ring to loosen the ratchet strap. Bring the S-hook over the top of the splint. Attach the S-hook to the Skin Traction Kit string loop you have tied.
  • Turn the traction knob to apply traction (Figure 8). Applying appropriate traction to the leg.
  • Reposition and fasten leg straps 1, 2, 3, and 4 (Figure 9).
  • Recheck and document neurovascular status.

Removing the Splint

When Patient has been moved into ward bed:

  • Unfasten the leg straps and support the foot and ankle.
  • Grasp the traction strings to keep the leg stable when the traction is released (Figure 10). Release the traction by pulling the traction-release ring. Unhook the S-hook from the Skin Traction Kit strings.
  • Gently slide the splint from under the patient’s leg.
  • Apply traction weights.
  • Ensure splint returned to the Emergency Department and cleaned.

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