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Early Pregnancy Bleed <16/40

Bleeding in early pregnancy is a relatively common problem and in the many cases (esp. with spotting) the pregnancy remains viable. However, bleeding in early pregnancy should never be thought of as normal, and it is vital that we investigate this appropriately.


Communication is also vital at a very stressful time

  • Who you are discussing this pregnancy in front of? – Does the patient want them to know
  • Manage expectations – There is nothing we or mum can do to change the out come of the pregnancy apart from ensuring mum is well
  • Ensure the patient has all the details they need – Return advice, clinic time, where to go, what is happening
  • Be sensitive to the patients feelings – Patients respond very differently, be careful not to impose your emotions/assumptions on the situation

Think Anti-D!

Anti-D immunoglobulin guide


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