MERS Standard Operating Procedure

Please see the updated SOP for Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus. Make sure you are familiar with this protocol and for anymore information please contact the Infection Control Team.


MERS SOP – Click Here

Quick Ref Guide

Full Details see SOP


  • Countries included: Bahrain, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Yemen & South Korea
  • Case Definition: Could be either 1,2 OR 3
  1. Any person with severe acute respiratory infection requiring admission with:
    • Symps: Fever≥38°C (or history of) & Cough, with clinical/radiological evidence of pneumonia or ARDS
    • AND at least ONE of the following
      • History of travel/resident in one of the countries within 14 days of symptom onset
      • Close face-face contact (>15min) withing 14 days of onset with a confirmed MERS-CoV case
      • ICU health worker caring for severe acute respiratory infection (regardless of travel/PPE)
      • Part of a cluster of 2 or more epidemiologically linked patients within 14 days requiring ICU admission (regardless of travel)
  2. Acute influenza like illness (sudden onset respiratory infection with measured fever ≥38°C and cough)
    • AND at least ONE of the following
      • Contact with camels,camel environments, camel products (e.g. meat, milk, urine)
      • Contact with a hospital in effected country within 14 days of onset.
  3. Acute respiratory illness(sudden onset respiratory infection with SOB OR Cough OR sore throat), with contact with a confirmed MERS-CoV case within 14 days


  • Where? CRH-Minors, HRI-Cub 5
  • Designated staff: Timed record of contact – on SOP
  • PPE: Long sleeved gown, Gloves, Eye protection, FFP3 mask (if fit tested),Positive pressure hood (if shown how by competent user)
    • IN: Gown>FFP3/HOOD>Eye Protection>Gloves
    • OUT (before leaving room): Gloves>Gown>Eye Protection (if not part of hood)
    • OUT (after leaving room):
      • Remove FFP3/HOOD – place on trolley outside room
      • Decontaminate Hands – apply clean apron and gloves
      • Decontaminate MASK/HOOD – use TRISTEL (leave filters in place)
      • Decontaminate Trolley – use TRISTEL
  • Destinations:
    • Ward care (Adult) – CRH ward 5’s negative pressure room
    • Ward care (Kid) – CRH Paeds ward 3’s negative pressure room
    • ICU – negative pressure if available (if not side room)

Call Microbiology

Before sending any samples, microbiology oncall should be contacted

  • 1x Sputum sample, 2x duplicate sets nose and throat swabs in viral transport media
  • Treat as BIO-HAZARD
    • Infection risk label
    • Double Bag
    • Inform Lab sample is coming

Cleaning &Disposal

This is vital and is covered in detail in the full SOP

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