2 Week Wait – from ED

Non-Site-Specific Service

The non-site-specific service is an excellent service for the investigation of suspected cancer within 2 weeks.

  1. Primarily NSS accept referrals for Cancer of Unknown Primary – if imaging suggests a cancer and the primary site is not clear clinically or radiologically.
  2. NEW: To improve cancer diagnosis from ED – they will also facilitate referrals to the site specific teams if we in ED identify the primary.

Who to Refer:

  1. There is a concern for cancer/other serious underlying pathology (examples)
    • New unexplained and unintentional weight loss (either documented >5% in three months or strong clinical suspicion)
    • New unexplained vague abdominal pain for four weeks or more (less if very significant concern with no associated change in bowel habit)
    • New unexplained constitutional symptoms for four weeks or more (less if significant concern) Symptoms include: loss of appetite, fatigue, nausea, bloating or malaise
  2. For patients who are haemodynamically stable and are suitable to have investigations as an urgent outpatient.
  3. Do not meet criteria for site specific suspected cancer pathwayThis has been suspended for ED ONLY


  • Too unwell OR needs acute admission
  • Unable to attend as an outpatient
  • Likely to have a non-cancer diagnosis suitable for another specialist pathway
  • Currently being investigated for the same problem by another specialist team

Please consider whether a referral to frailty might be more appropriate


How to Refer

  • Refer through EPRHow to HERE
  • Complete bloods – The NSS team request you specific blood tests (you don’t need to wait for results NSS will follow up)
  • Check the patients phone number
  • Give patient infoPatient info HERE


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