Mpox (Formerly: Monkeypox)

Wear Gloves & Wash Your Hands!!!

There have been >100 patients identified as having Mpox in the UK during the current outbreak. Most of these cases have been amongst men who have sex with men.

Reports have suggested that although lesions occur any where including palms and soles. Genital lessons and lymphadenopathy are very common

March 2024 – UKHSA warn there is increasing cases in DRC (Democratic Republic of Congo), so stay vigilant in travellers from central Africa.





  • MPox Virus enters through mucosal membranes (Reps/GIT/Mouth/Eye), or wounds
  • Animal contact (Rodent and Bush meat) is the most common source
  • Human-Human transmission is rare but possible
    • Contact with clothing/bed linen
    • Contact with lesions
    • Cough/Sneeze if patient has lesions
    • Sexual transmission


Disease Course

  • Incubation 5-21 days
  • Phase 1: General viral illness (fever, headaches, myalgia, lethargy, lymphadenopathy)
  • Phase 2: Rash: initially Maculopapular starting face > extremities, turning into vesicles and pustules later. Phase 1 symptoms often deminish
  • Recovery: normally this is self limiting over 3 weeks (but deaths have occurred

monkey pox


Remember: Consider Malaria or Typhoid.if presenting with recent travel to west africa

MPox Suspected:

  • Isolate patient
  • Use gloves and strict hand hygiene: Contact with lesions is the highest risk
  • Discuss with Microbiologist: If they agree they will contact the IFS (Imported Fever Service) to arrange further assessment and investigation.
  • Do not use cubicle: contact HPT (health Protection Team) for cleaning advice






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