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EMBRACE & Paediatric Critical Care

In our trust we don’t have paediatric critical care beds. However, in our region we use EMBRACE (a paediatric critical care transport team), who can transfer critically  ill children to specialist centers (in or out of region).


Y&H Paed Critical Care


  • Trust guide
  • Remember: Midazolam 10mg/2ml is used(not the 5mg/5ml we have  in ED)


Transfusion Care Pathway

PDF: Transfusion Care Pathway

When giving blood products you need to use the transfusion care pathway.

It can be found on intranet > Policies & Documents Library >Other Systems [green button] > Clinical records repository > Search [title And transfusion] – its only 9 clicks away (and some writing)


To maintain or restore patency of the ductus arteriosus

Only to be used in infants who are ventilated or where ventilation is immediately available

DO NOT DELAY IN STARTING Alprostadil if: there is clinical
suspicion of duct dependent CHD while waiting for paediatric cardiology opinion OR echocardiogram, even when in-house echo facilities are present.

PDF: Alprostidil


Ordering X-Rays from Triage

Be specific

  • Subtle fractures are hard to pick up – especially if the wrong X-Ray is requested. Ordering the right X-Ray helps patients.
  • Finger injury – request X-Ray Finger(specific), NOT a hand (they are different views and often of little use)
  • Wrist injury – request X-Ray Wrist NOT Radius & Ulna
    • You can request they include the distal half of radius and ulna if the pain covers that area but still request a wrist

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